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[WB18] Migration

Startbeitrag von Piet van Zanten am 11.06.2013 14:26


When migrating from WB17 to WB18 all controls that had a dissociated style or some overloaded style properties generate a GUI error in WB18 "css style link unknown" with a WB invented style name.
Ok, I thought, just create a style and be done with it.
So I duplicate the local style and I have a "copy_of_WB_invented name" style.
Just change the name, hey, the style appears to be read-only.
What the *#&!, ALL styles appear to be read only :confused:

The migration problem count will probably exceed the 976 new feature count again.
I'm really sick and tired of these counterproductive issues.



Hi Piet,

Had some difficulties as well. All GUI problems. Had to manually change the css stuff that was not found. Then it seemed to go just fine. When I posted the site on the net some odd things went on. It seemed like a webdev 17 / 18 conflict. So then I posted the site again this time with the language url.
In my case “ NL”. Well, The site still started without NL and same bugs. So I made a index.html file in the folder where I uploaded the site and put some javascript in to redirect to the NL version. And now All works fine.
This might seem a strange solution but it is the only thing that works. I even removed everything from the server this did not help.

If I start a new project no problems occur.

I posted a question to support, they asked for a little project where the bug occurs. I told them to just use the organizer sample they you put in webdev18, even gave them instructions what to do, Still they want me to sent something?
Well I have solved my problems with the organizer by now. So no need for help anymore, not developing 10 times but 5 times faster. I can live with that, for me webdev rocks yeh

Tip to you all . If you want to use the organizer (php modus )better do it by programming. More work but far better to solve bugs. Because than the bugs are yours and not because the databinding stuff does odd things

von Allard - am 12.06.2013 09:35
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