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WD18 - Rename the *.wdl file

Startbeitrag von John Marrone Jr am 13.06.2013 16:28


When I started my project I named the project PHCProject. My exe file is named phc.exe and my lib file is named phcproject.wdl. I went inside the project description and renamed the project to PHC but when I generate the project to create my exe file the lib file is still named phcproject.wdl. Is there any way of renaming this lib file for my project to phc.wdl? Many thanks for any help I might receive.


Hello John

Unless someone else has the correct way to rename the wdl, the only option I could think of would be to create a new configuration, using the new name and then to delete the old configuration.


von Al - am 14.06.2013 02:04
Hi John,

The wdl can be renamed in the compilation assistant at the step 3, second plan. (The page where you select what to include in the wdl. Under the table control you have a edit control called "Name" where you can change the wdl name. You can do this any time you want.)

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 14.06.2013 12:19
Thanks AL. I owe you another lunch. Thanks again.

von John Marrone Jr - am 14.06.2013 12:38
Thanks Alex. If it had been a snake it would of bit me.

von John Marrone Jr - am 14.06.2013 12:40
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