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[WD18] Impressions to date

Startbeitrag von Al am 18.06.2013 07:54

Hello All

Given that there have been warning re problems in V18 on the French forums, I thought It would be interesting to gather impressions from this forum re V18. I am about three weeks into using WD18 on an existing small project converted from V16 - 40+ windows, 15 reports, some MS Word automation and integration to Outlook in terms of email sessions. To date I have had no problems and no major gripes except for that damn ribbon :), but forum member Quickly's post about Ctrl Shift R has solved that.

As an aside, I still don't see why I have to have the "Welcome to Windev" window keep popping up everytime I start Windev or close a project. I don't want the Welcome window and I don't want to auto open the last project, I just want the IDE to open and let me do whatever I want without second guessing me, but that's just me.

No crashes, so more stable in that regard than V16. Keep in mind that none of my projects do anything really exciting so no API calls, no .net and no fancy graphics or skins.
Some nice little touches like defaulting to centreing a tickbox in a table rather than left justify and the table editor has a few more features and is easier to use. These small improvements to my daily grind are really appreciated.
The search has many more options and features but is not as intuitive as V16 and I don't care much for its interface, so it has taken some time to get used to.
One small issue with the conversion where I received a message re the subscript number position of some fields in a window, that then self corrected but these are windows originally from V10 I think so anything could be in there.

The only precaution I have taken and which may not be warranted, is to duplicate the V16 analysis for the V18 project so I am not tempted to edit a common V16 analysis from V18 and still use it in other V16 projects. I did this because of analysis corruption problems I had in V17 when I shared an analysis between a V16 and V17 project and cross edited the analysis from whichever version of the Windev project happened to be open at the time.

I never expected any problems with the compiled programs in V18 and there certainly have not been any issues there, so overall V18 is working fine for me and while I appreciate it is still in beta, I would have no problems releasing the project I am working on.




To stop the last project from opening:

Go to "Tools" menu select "Options" at the bottom select "General options of Windev".
on the general tab you can uncheck that option.

There is also a option on the welcome screen on the open project plane that will allow you to disable it. Bottom right corner.


von DW - am 18.06.2013 10:19
Hello DW

Thanks for the thought but it doesn't work, you cannot make it go away. I originally thought the same as you but I have been trying to get rid of the Welcome panel from when it was first introduced in V17. The option on the Welcome panel is not actually an option to turn it off, its an option to stop it displaying and instead of that to auto re-open the last project. It then auto ticks the option in the General Tab to "Load last Project" and it also forces a value in the "Last projects Used" and "Last documents used" so you can't set them to zero. If you untick the "Load Last project " option in the General tab then it auto unticks the display option in the Welcome panel so there is no escaping it - "resistance is futile"

At the moment with the "Don't display..." ticked in the Welcome screen but with no pinned projects, when I open V18, the Welcome screen displays, even though it shouldn't and even though the "Last projects used has been set to 1, it shows 23 items in the "recent projects" list.

I know it all sounds quite petty but all I would like is for the IDE to open to a blank screen with toolbars (no ribbon) and to let me decide what I want to do. I have at least 4 separate projects and multiple versions of the same project that I am working on concurrently and I like to be absolutely sure which one I have chosen to work on and I like to make those decisions myself and not have Windev do it from what it thinks I want to do.

I have also been trying unsuccessfully to get rid of the dashboard for years, I never use it and it is a complete waste of computer resources for the IDE to build and maintain as I work, although at least it can auto minimize.

Your comments highlight an interesting point though. From now on when we offer help to forum members we will need to specify the interface we are referring to as "Ribbon" or "Toolbars", because in their wisdom, PCSoft have moved things around and the "General options of Windev" are not in the "Tools" section of the ribbon interface as you might expect, they are in the "Home" section of the ribbon even though the ribbon has a "tools" option.
Change for the sake of change perhaps ?


von Al - am 18.06.2013 11:36
Hi Al,

About the dashboard, I minimalize it once and then it stays that way.
However, I find the static audit very useful.


von Piet van Zanten - am 18.06.2013 12:23
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