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[WD16->18] Will there be a dongle s/n problem from skipping a version?

Startbeitrag von Ola am 20.06.2013 07:13

Hi all,

I have WD version 16 installed.

I have ver. 17 also but I have not installed it at all due to the various severe problems reported about it. So I am skipping it.

Now I have received ver 18 and want to install it.

I understand that the installation process will change the serial number of my old dongle.

I am wondering whether this might cause a problem, because the installation may expect that my dongle has been re-serialised to comply with version 17, which is not the case. The dongle's serial still refers to ver 16.

The question:
Can I just install ver 18 now, or should I first install ver. 17:confused:



Hi Ola,

we went from WinDev version 12 to 16 in one step and had no problems with updating the dongle. Afaik, you can just install version 18.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 20.06.2013 08:58
Install 18. Its serial no will handle 18 and any version below, including 17.


von issah - am 20.06.2013 09:36
We have migrated the dongles from V14 to V18 without problems.
With the V18 dongle we can work with windev 8 (the oldest i have installed) and above.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 20.06.2013 10:14
Thank you all for response.

I already knew that the new version and new dongle serial number can handle all older versions of WD.

I just asked this question, because the delivery slip of v18 indicates that my WD copy is supposed to be s/n W17A...etc. So I was assuming that the dongle upgrade process might also expect that the dongle really has this serial number. However, I have never installed my v17, and therefore also never upgraded the dongle, so my dongle still has a serial starting with W16...

Anyways, I'll just cross my fingers and start the installation and hope that the dongle upgrade process is decent enough not to tie itself and my dongle to an unsolveable double overhand knot...


von Ola - am 22.06.2013 10:05
The dongle serial modification failed.
First I tried with my currently working v16 serial, but the v18 installation program did not accept it.
Then I tried the v17 serial that the Delivery Slip referred to, but it was not accepted neither.
Then I tried to upgrade the dongle to v17 by installing the v17, but it failed, because my v17 password had expired.
It seems I just have to ask PCSoft for a new password.


von Ola - am 22.06.2013 22:56
Hi Ola,

dongle upgrades need to be done asap after receit of the upgrade mail!
Dongle passwords from the mail stay valid for several days only.

However, I'll ask PC Soft to re-send a new upgrade mail (16 -> 17) to your mail address.
After performing this one, please upgrade to v18 immediately!

von GuenterP - am 23.06.2013 05:29
Hi Guenter

I already asked PCSoft for the new password, and received it. Actually it is the same that was originally given, so obviously they have just re-activated it.

The existence of time-limitation is now obvious.
I just wonder, why the password is time-limited?
What is the point, when all it can do is cause harm to the paying customer?
Surely PCSoft is not running out of passwords:)?

If there is a time limit on the upgrade, then it should be mentioned in the instructions.

And more:
With the message containing the new password for updating my 16 to 17, I also received another message stating that
"Regarding version 17, it has no known problems."
And: "You should have install it."

So: PCSoft is not aware of any problems of WD17!:hot:
From what I have read about WD17, it would have caused me more problems than solutions.

OK, back to re-trying the upgrade insallations...


von Ola - am 24.06.2013 10:09
Hi Ola, glad to hear that you've got your old password re-activated!

1 - yes, somewhere it is mentioned that the pw has a time out.
2 - you got the same pw because it will produce the same serial number
3 - you need this v17-serial in oder to be able to upgrade to v18

Have fun!

von GuenterP - am 24.06.2013 11:43
Hi Guenter,

1 - I tried to find a mention about the time-limitation, but could not find it.
4 - The dongle upgrade from 16 to 17 failed with error:

"Framework not found or incompatible.
Please contact PCSoft Technical Support."

So now back to PCSoft...


von Ola - am 25.06.2013 07:01
Hi all,

Problem solved. The automatic update of the dongle did not work. Had to do a manual update.

What did I learn: If I ever again buy a new version, it must be installed immediately, at least to the point where the dongle gets updated. Otherwise there's gonna be touble in the next upgrade.


von Ola - am 27.06.2013 10:52
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