[WD17] Composite report with variable number of the same subreport

Startbeitrag von Stefan Bentvelsen am 20.06.2013 13:09

Hi all,

I've made a composite report which in principle work OK.
The problem is:

I have a subreport in that composite report that must be printed a variable number of times. I've tried that by adding the subreport 3 times to the composite report. But if I have to print the subreport only 1 time, I cannot make the other 2 subreports invisible (not by using ..Visible property). Is there another way to achive this ?

Or is there a way to repeat a subreport a variable number of times in a composite report ?

Any help/hints are very appreciated !

Edited: Actually, one part of the problem is solved. To avoid printing of a subreport, I can use iChangeSubReportSource(MySubReport,""). But I think, a way to repeat a subreport a variable number of times would be nicer !


Hi Stefan

one thing you can do to achieve that would be to print your main report, and in its code, have your loop on your "subreport"... IN the loop, you would prepare the data to be printed or just set the parameters, depending on how your reports are working then do an iPrintReport of the subreport

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 20.06.2013 14:21
Thanks Fabrice, for your suggestion.
I will look into this, tomorrow morning.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 20.06.2013 14:41
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