WXLive and WxDevCon Pre-Conference Webinars for 21 June, 2013

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WXLive Webinar #72
Friday June 21 2013 5:15am Pacific Time
Image The Possibilites in WX! #5
Glenn Rathke Presents
Glenn will be showing how easy it is to implement
the Pick List and manipulate Date Time. He may
also demo implementing CK Edit in WB.

WXLive Webinar #73
Friday June 21 2013 following Glenn Rathke
WxDevCon Pre-Con - #5
Pete Halsted continues the Chatterbox
journey from the WebDev side.


As always... if you cannot attend the live webinar you can watch the recordings on http://www.wxlive.us.

The WxDevCon 2013 early-bird registration pricing has been extended to 30 June, 2013. Please see http://www.wxdevcon.com


Pete's WxDevCon webinar has been rescheduled. It is now scheduled for Sunday at 3pm CST. Sorry for the late notice.

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