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[WM18] android access sqlite ?

Startbeitrag von ccc2 am 23.06.2013 07:24

Hi ,

I create a sqlite db with some records . then using WM18 I create a android app .

i create a query object Q_validate

from vw_users
users.uid= {param_uid}
and users.pwd = {param_pwd}

when I run query test from WM18 , I get error vw_users is not a table . vw_users is a view which I had imported into analysis (become a table) . from analysis , I can retrieved vw_users records via wmap without any error.

I create a window with a button and code in button

Q_Validate.param_uid = EDT_UID..Value
Q_Validate.param_pwd = EDT_PWD..Value
IF HExecuteQuery(Q_Validate) = False THEN
Error("Error Execute Q_Validate ", HErrorInfo())

IF HNbRec(Q_Validate) = 0 THEN
Warning("Invalid ID and Password")

when I try run the program on android device , I get no error for execute the query but my HNbRec(Q_Validate) always return zero even though should be 1

using android terminal emulator I try access the sqlite db from

the db file is there and the records is also there.

don't know what to do , I try the code from example InitializeDatabasec procedure in project code

PROCEDURE InitializeDatabase()

cntConnection is Connection
sDatabaseName is string = “pks.db”
sBasePath is string = fDataDir() + [“/”] + sDatabaseName
nCurrentDBVersion is int = 1
//nDBVersionInstalled is int
bFirstStartup is boolean

// Extract the database if necessary
IF NOT fFileExist(sBasePath) THEN
bFirstStartup = True
IF NOT fExtractResource(sDatabaseName,sBasePath) THEN
EndProgram("Error while extracting from the database.")

// Parameters of the connection
cntConnection..Provider = hNativeAccessSQLite
cntConnection..Source = sBasePath

// Establish the connection

with this solve the problem and the program HNbRec(Q_Validate) return 1 .
not only that now from WM18 , I can run query and not getting error anymore.

I had tried create a program using HF , it work without need any initializedatabase code .

can someone explain ? do i have to use initializedatabase code in order to access sqlite ? or had I done something wrong in setting?


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