[WD18] Signing the executable

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- we obtained a certificate from a local provider, A-Cert.
- I imported the whole bunch of certificates we received by mail into the certificate repository.

When making an .exe or a setup, the signature combo of the assistant stays empty.
What do I Have to do in order to get a correctly signed .exe ?
[attachment 450 CertificateRepository01.png]


Re: [WD18] Signing the executable SOLVED


everything's working here now.

It's more simple than I ever believed it to be!
Theory: the certificate needs two keys, a private key for signing an .exe-file and a public key to decode and check the certificate.
You have to install both (in various flavours, depending on what you bought / received) into the certificate repository of your computer.

1 - obtain a signature for code signing from a signature provider.
We bought it from A-Cert http://www.a-cert.at and its costs is 80,- + VAT = 96,- Euros / 2 years!!
It's certainly an affordable purchase ..

2 - after identifying yourself and your company you can download a bunch of files.
[attachment 451 Certificate_Files_From_Provider.png]

3 - Try to install all these files into the certificate repository by right-clicking
One of these files will contain the private key and needs a password for installation.
This password has been used in the purchase process of the certificate.
Btw, I missed this step and therefore did not install the private key.

4 - check the certificate repository for your or your company's name.
Execute certmgr.msc in order to start the window.
[attachment 452 CertificateRepository01.png]

5 - Test: make a WinDev executable. If the installation process has been ok then the assistant will show all usable certificates:
[attachment 453 Certificate_use_in_assistant01.png]

6 - After that you will see your / your company's name in the UAC warnings and you can check for your certificate!

von GuenterP - am 25.06.2013 10:17
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