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[WD18] Check box columns in table still broken

Startbeitrag von Al am 25.06.2013 13:12

Hello All

PCSoft have a bad habit of ignoring and not fixing long term bugs.

Check box columns in memory tables have never worked since the day they were introduced and still:
Code in the exit event does not run, it does however work in the "Whenever Modifying" event
The check box column offers a magnifier option but it does not work, so you can't filter a table on true or false values in the column by clicking on a magnifier.

I don't bother much now, I automatically code "checkbox" columns as text with "Y" or "N" so that they can offer the attributes they should and work properly.

Its quite simple, the standard table functionality should apply to all column types.
How can something as simple as this remain broken for so long ?



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