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New version

Startbeitrag von Allard am 26.06.2013 17:26

Hi A new version is availeble with some bug fixes Look at www.windev.com



Hi everybody

considering the number of bugs STILL being reported on the french forum regarding version 62 for both windev and webdev, I would strongly advise anybody upgrading to 62 to backup 56 and his projects before doing so, and to throughly test their application after upgrading...

It seems that some big ones have avoided all tests and controls by pcsoft this time

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 26.06.2013 18:11
Hi Fabrice

How do you make a complete backup of wx18 56 ? The files are easy to copy to an external HD, but I suppose there must be a zillion things in the registry DB that need to be backed up as well.

Best regards
Viggo Poulsen

von Viggo Poulsen - am 27.06.2013 06:42
Viggo Poulsen,

It will backup as you install it on its own. Make sure you backup any project that you open in the new version incase you have to go back.


von DW - am 27.06.2013 09:29
Hi Fabrice,

Thanks for the heads-up.
But I didn't quite understand this:
"It seems that some big ones have avoided all tests and controls by pcsoft this time"
Can you open this a little?


von Ola - am 27.06.2013 12:13
Hi Ola

there seems to be a whole series of bugs in both windev and webdev in version 62, BIG bugs in the compiler itself, not little things. I am currently using version 56 without any big trouble, and I'm still waiting to install the version 62. And no, I did not keep a list of them, but you can go in the french forums and search for "version 62"... Google translate should give you a good idea.

Hi Viggo

if you installed your windev in a single directory, then you can backup it just by copying it.
When you want to reinstall it on a nother machine or the same, copy it back, then create manuall a shortcut to windev.exe and run it. The first run will create all the necessary keys/values in the registry. I have been installing my new computers this way for years, as I keep basically ALL versions at the same time, in order to be ready fo my customers.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 27.06.2013 12:38
Hi Fabrice

Thank you for explaining the backup. That's really elegant.

Best regards
Viggo Poulsen

von Viggo Poulsen - am 27.06.2013 13:27
First of all I see in ver.62 is how report can be opened with Report&Queries but Query is not visible for that kind of report. So conclusion, Queries are obsolete, You can only use files. Really funny situation. I will back to ver.56,...

von ICI - am 27.06.2013 19:01
Hello ICI

I had a similar problem with Views in 62h but it appears to been fixed in 62j

The following commands worked fine in V16 but failed in V18h
Create a view of a file MyFileView

In 62h all I got was a blank record. Assigning values from the view fields into the file fields worked it was just HCopyRecord() that appeared to see a blank record in the view.
In 62j it works correctly as it did in V16

For me that shuts the door completely on converting any of my V16 projects to V18 as these are projects started in V5.5 and make quite extensive use of views.

Unless PCSoft comes out with a maintenance version I will wait till V19 and that means two years of wasted investment in Windev products as I wasn't able to use V17 either because of analysis problems.

I have a couple of small projects to complete and I will try them in V18 because hopefully I will pick up all the problems as I go, but the thought of converting one of our larger apps from V16 to V18 and then the testing fills me with despair and especially since I still probably would not have enough confidence to release it anyway, because unlike PCSoft I have respect for my clients and I would never knowingly give them bad software.

My development now involves concentrating not only on the task at hand but also having to be concerned if anything will work as it should - definitely not a good place to be in

I wonder if PCSoft have any idea how damaging all this is to their reputation.


von Al - am 28.06.2013 11:44
With all new 900+ seems just 10 is new and usable all other are just new bugs.

PC SOFT must to be concetrated on developers and tool .
If my old car with few corrections is better then new one, why to buy new car untested.

Many tools on the market has update/patch protocol. You pay and can 12months update. Not pay, No update. With PC SOFT every new year is new problem. All over again from the start. Same or new bugs in new versions. Hm.

von ICI - am 28.06.2013 12:21
Just curious, if there are such a number of bugs in the french version, why release an english version with that problems ?


von James Smiths - am 28.06.2013 16:49
Hi Al,

Oh, how I agree with you!
Some years ago I've warned if PCSoft keeps this up, it will no longer have the bugs under control.
This seems to come from version to version. I will definitely not buy the version 19, if it is not a bug-fixed version.
I also hate my customers to sell bad software.



von tomkra - am 29.06.2013 21:24
There is any news about corrected problems, it is now safe to upgrade to windev18_062j from 56h, or it is better to keep waiting ?



von James Smiths - am 02.07.2013 21:36
Hi james

there are SOME news about corrections, but as of today, I got them ONLY about corrections in the french version, and I haven't been made aware of their US equivalent.

To further complicate the problem, french version is 62h while US is 62J and I don't know if the only difference between the two is the language, or if some code differs.

Finally, there are still NEW problems being reported (nearly every day) on the french forums...

So my current advice (and I'm doing this myself) is to wait and continue using version 56 if you do not need ABSOLUTELY something that appeared (or was corrected) in version 62.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 03.07.2013 15:57

Mr. Fabrice is absolutely right.
56h is still better and more stable choice then upgrade to 62j.

von ICI - am 03.07.2013 16:11
Thank you very much Fabrice for you advice and ICI for your response.

Best regards


von James Smiths - am 03.07.2013 16:26
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