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Postgresql DB error in WX18

Startbeitrag von steve erts am 27.06.2013 22:01

Hi All,

There is a new bug in WX 18 when using Postgresql. If you try to save data such as a file path that has a backslash in it (i.e. c:\temp\) windev crashes and does not save the data correctly.

You can work around this somewhat by writing data before save as c:\\temp\\ but this still causes issue as it will create a space after "temp" and before the backslash.

This did not happen in WX 15 and is causing me major heartburn.

Just thought others using Postgresql should know.



A little research on this confirms that Postgresql uses backslashes as escape characters which cause the problem. As such PCSOFT says it;s not a bug (although they handled it fine in WD15)

Either way I have found a work around for this issue.

"But how do I fix it?

The good news is that this behavior is configurable. You can set standard_conforming_strings = on in your postgresql.conf and be done with it. This will be the default setting from PostgreSQL 9.1, and hopefully the other applications using your database do not depend on the legacy behavior (if they do, they need fixing)."


von steve erts - am 28.06.2013 15:48
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