Internal Components WB17

Startbeitrag von Cesar Flores am 28.06.2013 22:37

Hi all

Does anybody has used an Internal Component?

i have some problems using it!

i have two projects, one of this two i converted to an internal component. i did this, guided by the help online.

once i have done the component:

1. first i notice that all the images of all my items (buttons, tables, even templates images) were lost.

2. I finally done to import all the images of all my items. I imported the internal component to my other project but when i want to call a page of the internal component from the main project an error message is displayed:

"What happened?
An error occurred while opening the 'PAGE_BusinessActivity_Cat' page.
Unable to open PAGE_BusinessActivity_Cat page:
> Failure loading PAGE_BusinessActivity_Cat object in WDL.

Error code: 310019
Level: fatal error (EL_FATAL)

Dump of the error of 'wd170page.dll' module ("

Even if only run the test of any page this error is displayed.
i only call this code line :


does anybody can tell me what im doing wrong?

what is what I'm missing?


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