geoRunApp and Marker

Startbeitrag von James Smiths am 30.06.2013 05:12

Hi all

Does anybody knows if this Works, I have spent several hours trying just to display a simple descripción on a marker but it does not work.

Iam using

pos1 is géoPosition
pos1..Latitude = 10.971675
pos1..Longitude = -69.553169

IF ErrorOccurred = False THEN
geoRunApp(pos1,"My marker description")

I went a Little farther and used a map control (with the keys and all that stuff)

MyPosition is géoPosition
MyPosition..Latitude = 43.613708
MyPosition..Longitude = 3.876972
MyMarker is Marker
MyMarker..Position = MyPosition
MyMarker..Name = "My Name"
MyMarker..Description = "some description"
MyMarker..ActionClick = ProcMarkerClick

MapAddMarker(MAP_1, MyMarker)

MAP_1..Zoom = 18

PROCEDURE ProcMarkerClick(m is Marker)

ToastDisplay(StringBuild("Position: %1 N, %2 E ", m..Position..Latitude, m..Position..Longitude))

Just like the online help example, but nothing appears in the markers.

any idea about it, using WM18 (56h)

thanks in advance



Re: geoRunApp and Marker (Solved)

In case somebody is interested:

I first developed a simple android App with the ADT, that gives indications and other things, but I wanted my App runs in IOS too, that is why Iam developing it in WDM.

I used this java code, that does exactly what I want:

String geoCode = "geo:0,0?q=18.123456, 81.1234576 (My Marker message)";
Intent sendLocationToMap = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW,

The "suppouse" equivalent in WDM may be :
geoRunApp(pos1,"My Marker message")

wich I can not get it to work.

By searching and searching in the Online Help I found:

ShellExecute (Function)
"geo:1.44951,43.604363": starts Google Maps or equivalent."

wich I rewrite to:

ShellExecute("geo:0,0?q=18.123456, 81.1234576 (My Marker message)";
IF ErrorOccurred THEN

That is exactly what my java code does.

Maybe many of you already knows that, but I thought another person new in WDM like me, could find it helpfull.:)


von James Smiths - am 02.07.2013 22:54
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