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[WD18] PCS Groupware gpwOpenConnection(..)

Startbeitrag von GuenterP am 02.07.2013 15:52


fore me, it's simply impossible to connect to HyperFileSQL C/S v18-Groupware using the command gpwOpenConnection(..) neither with a new connection variable nor using the same one as the application uses. Has anyone of you connected successfully using gpwOpenConnection(...) ???


Hi Guenter,

Here is a code snipet we use all the time and works very well: (I only translated the comments)

// Calculate sub-folder name
m_sRépertoireGPU = m_cnxConnexion..Provider = hAccèsHF7 ? ComplèteRep(m_cnxConnexion..Source)+"gpw" SINON "gpw"

// Open connexion to GPW
SI m_cnxConnexion..Provider = hAccèsHFClientServeur ALORS
SI PAS gpwOuvreConnexion(m_sGPWNomConnexion,m_cnxConnexion..Utilisateur,sBDDMotDePasse,m_cnxConnexion..Source,m_cnxConnexion..BaseDeDonnées,hAccèsHFClientServeur) ALORS
// Since version 180046j we must init. connexion to user gpw in classic mode to make it work properly.
SI PAS gpwOuvreConnexion(m_sGPWNomConnexion,m_cnxConnexion..Utilisateur,sBDDMotDePasse,m_sRépertoireGPU,m_cnxConnexion..BaseDeDonnées,m_cnxConnexion..Provider) ALORS

- m_sGPWNomConnexion is a connexion name (like "ConnexionGPU")
- m_cnxConnexion is our main software connexion
- sBDDMotDePasse is a copy of the main connexion password (because we can't read it from the main connexion variable - suggestion sent to PCSoft).

Then you can do what you want. Usually we call gpwLogin("","",m_sRépertoireGPU,m_sRépertoireGPU) to create the files if they do not exist, because we handle most of the process manually. (Our own login box, etc.)

Kind regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 12.08.2013 14:21
Hi Alexandre,

thanks a lot for your example! Got it to work as well - but only with parameters in the command line of gpwOpenConnection(..) like you do, but not using a connection variable. I didn't realize in my first tries that the problem was there .. dummy me.

Thank you!

von GuenterP - am 12.08.2013 14:39
Hi all,

do not use gpwInitAnalysis() see:

before connecting groupware files or defining groupware file locations using gpwOpen(.. , ..) !!

gpwInitAnalysis() will invariably 'nail' the Groupware-directories to

.. \exe\gpw_ProjectName

there's no way to change these directories thereafter!

(I intended to access the groupware files from my program directly and thought it would be a good idea to initialise the groupware analysis right after declaring the variables in project code. Wrong!!)

von GuenterP - am 14.08.2013 14:02
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