[WD1862j] User Groupware is broken

Startbeitrag von Al am 04.07.2013 13:42

Hello All

I am progessing with my new project but have hit a wall trying to incorporate the older style groupware. I had customised the groupware windows over the years and want to use them in V18 because the new default windows are just so badly designed and awkward to use.

I converted one V16 project as a test and the manual user groupware worked fine but the V18 project which is new and has exactly the same project init code leading up to the call to the groupware, won't work with the older groupware.

I know what the problem is, I just can't fix it or see why it occurs.

The manual groupware is only supposed to start when you issue a gpwlogin() or gpwopen() command. In this project it starts automatically as soon as the exe starts and well before my manual gpwlogin() command. I have a "STOP" command as the first line of the project and the groupware has opened and crashed before it even gets there.
The groupware crashes because it tries to reference files from the project analysis and project functions and of course these have not been initiated as yet because the groupware is running too early.

It doesn't matter how I set the option in the workshop Auto or Custom, it always starts too early in this project. To keep going I have reverted to the new groupware but it is really crappy and I will have to redo it, which is hard because it consists of many many planes which I find very hard to work with.

One of the main deficiencies with the groupware design from day one, is that whenever windows are shown to the user, they are always referred to by the operating system name which means nothing to the user. Why on earth don't they show the window title. That is just the first of the customisations that needs to be done. (10 times faster minus 5)



Hi Al,

at first you should start to customize groupware
Workshop .. configure user groupware
I think you forgot that ...

Imho for HF Classic the user Groupware does work.
Only problem I'm struggling with is under HF C/S.
Can't make gpwOpenConnection(..) work.

von GuenterP - am 04.07.2013 13:55
Hello Guenter

Thanks for the thought but I am using HF Classic and I am using the settings in Workshop to set the user groupware to be auto or manual, it just isnt working as manual. Its as if it is ignoring the manual setting and always running Auto, because it always starts before the project, no matter that I have set it to manual in the workshop.

You are right, the new groupware does work, I just don't like they way it works and the display method and would prefer to use the older style windows that I have spent time customising. On this specific project, even the new groupware won't start manually so the project file must be damaged.

I am in the middle of creating the project again from scratch but now have a problem that a right click on the project explorer pane will not display the menu and bring up options to add new windows so I dragged some windows into the IDE window and it all crashed. Another late night looms ahead.

The explorer pane has also been "updated" very badly. In V16 you could right click anywhere and get the full option menu. In V18, the only way to "Add Some elements to the project" is to right click on word "Project" at the top of the tree and right clicking in other places brings up tiny one or two option menus that are useless.

PCSoft's motto should be "If it ain't broke don't fix it!", instead it appears to be "Tough luck - We know best so do it our way"


von Al - am 04.07.2013 14:30
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