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Startbeitrag von Aad Gouka am 05.07.2013 10:09

Hi all,

In most European countries we are going to use the SEPA system. This has implications for the formats in which files are provided for electronic banking. Direct debit has as they call it the PAIN format. This file has the XML format.

Has anyone experience with this matter and is willing to share information, a strategy or a piece of software ? If so, pricing is negotiable :-)

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Aad Gouka


Hello Aad

no personal experience, but there is a lot of chatter and examples on the french windev forum of pcsoft... with google translate, that should give you a good starting point

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 05.07.2013 12:38
We only use one of the message types pain.001.001.03- Customer Credit Transfer Initiation.
we format/write it the same way we format the national format (as a text file) it was easier for us to adapt the same procedure for both formats.
some example (i hope it's understandable) i just copy some parts of the code, it should work.... :confused:
[attachment 561 sepa_example.pdf]

von Paulo Oliveira - am 05.07.2013 18:03
Hi Fabrice and Paulo,

Fabrice, thanks for the hint. Let's see if Google translate makes it understandable.
Paulo, thanks for sharing the code. I don't think there will be much of a difference between debit or credit.

Best regards,


von Aad Gouka - am 06.07.2013 08:05

Look on internet to find a free e-book called "iso20022 for dummies" gives you a nice background etc. Contains also the xml layout.

added 10:22
you can find it here

von RdJ - am 08.07.2013 08:16
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