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WM18 LooperDisplay problem

Startbeitrag von James Smiths am 06.07.2013 05:51

Hi all

Iam displaying data from a HFclassic file in a looper. Starting the Android app I can scroll to the end of the looper without problems, but once I hfilter the data and send LooperDisplay and I scroll once more to the end of the looper, it gets blank with all the filtered data gone.

What could it be ? I have read the Online help but I but cannot find topics about this problem.

Thanks in advance



WM18 -> looper filled with a HFclassic -> Hfilter -> LooperDisplay

In the simulator : Works perfect

In Android device : Strange behaviour (see post above), sum of an Att from the looper (currency field) gives incorrect total sums

Any ideas



von James Smiths - am 07.07.2013 03:20
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