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WD18 New bug: You cannot create a new RAD project.

Startbeitrag von Jose Antonio Garrido am 08.07.2013 10:40


I finally decided to update to WD18 to support PCSOFT, but I only found new problems.

1. New problem: If you do
File>New Project>Rad Pattern>Finish
It apperas an error, WD crashes, and the project doesn't create correctly.
2. Old problem: If you use the default RAD pattern they generate the code with compiling errors! That is true at least from WD15,16,17,18.
3. Help is incorrectly. They always talk about RADFileA, RADFileB... but the files on the analisys have the french names!, so you have to write RADFichierA, RADFichierB.... That has always been incorrect.
4. I never managed to make my own simple RAD. They always create the same type of window (All form windows are always the same)

I will not update to WD19 since I'm very angry. From version to version they dont fix the bugs, but add new ones. Sorry to say that but its true. I remember one bug I poested to PCSOFT several years ago about email.messageID, and I know it will never be fixed. Maybe they are busy with WB and WM, tools who I think that people who owns use it to complement WD.

I would prefer if they quit the free support, and put that people to work in the bugs.
I only contacted them 3 times and two of them was because of bugs.

José Antonio Garrido.


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