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[WD18] Now you've got me worried...

Startbeitrag von DarrenF am 08.07.2013 18:48


I eagerly purchased the upgrade to WD18 and held off the actual upgrade due to a house move, but now I'm seriously worried!

Is WD18 really as bad as people are making out?

How stable (or unstable) is it really?

What configurations are people noticing the problems; is it WD18 on Win7 or is it WD18 on Win8? Or some older (some would say, more reliable), Windows incarnation?

Is there anything positive someone can say about WD18 before my head drops totally in resigned disbelief?



Hi Darren,

don't panic! I'm sure, PC Soft will repair most of the shortcomings. Imho there were too many features / controls / functions added in v18, which is called a 'major release' by PCS. This should be a lesson to those 1000-features-added-marketing-guys ... so, no, your money is not gone, it's just somewhere else ;-) And it's true. there are many, many very interesting features in v18, once we're good at using ROLAP cubes in our applications and can show the ebenfits to our customers .. there are so many things in v18 .. this should be a selling point for adapted or newly made applications.


- if you find a bug / funny behaviour, please report it immediately to Tech Support! Don't rely on the 'other guys' for reporting, please do it yourself!
- the annotation system in the Help has been repaired recently - use it for documenting proven bugs and issues!

von GuenterP - am 08.07.2013 20:53
It will be fixed... Soon(tm).


von abonds - am 09.07.2013 12:33
It will be fixed.... NEVER.
But we get a million features.
This is a good deal to sell even more!
Because customers want features. The bugs are not the problem [[1]]

von tomkra - am 09.07.2013 13:44
Actually, after a catastrophic start, WD18 is now more stable and reliable.

Several bugs are now fixed : you can see this on the french page of patches :

I migrated several big softs on WD18 and almost everything rules.

von Arnaud Benhamdine - am 12.07.2013 09:04
Hello Arnaud


Several bugs are now fixed : you can see this on the french page of patches :

And that's the major problem for non French clients of PCSoft right there.
I can't read French.
I don't know about that site.
PCSoft operate in a vacuum, never admitting mistakes and never stating exactly what has been fixed in any release or update.


von Al - am 12.07.2013 10:06
These update can be used in the english version ?



von James Smiths - am 15.07.2013 15:05
James Smiths
These update can be used in the english version ?



You could try but there's a high propability to see more French messages in your project, it even could crash because of language incompatibilities .. I wouldn't even touch these files ..

von GuenterP - am 15.07.2013 16:37
Thanks Guenter


von James Smiths - am 15.07.2013 16:47
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