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[WD17] Show Word and Excel files in a WinDev window

Startbeitrag von Adri am 08.07.2013 19:34

I want to show the content of Word and Excel files in a WinDev window. Office is installed on all PC's. I only need to view the files.
Can someone point me to the correct approach?




Hello Adri

simplest way is to put an Internet Explorer ActiveX in an activeX control in your window. Then set the file you want to display in it.

IE will display each and every format of files it currently supports (and of course word and ecxcell format)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 08.07.2013 20:05
Hi Fabrice,

Thanks for your response. I've tried to create your suggestion.
1. Added AxtiveX control and pointed it to Microsoft Webbrowser
2. Set URL to Word document and give an navigate command (AX_Explorer>>Navigate(EDT_File))

The document is opened in Word instead of the Explorer window. I've used WDXview to find alternative commands but without succes.

Do you have any suggestion how to solve it?

Best regards,


von Adri - am 09.07.2013 07:17
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