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[WM18] IOS application losing connection

Startbeitrag von Wesley Thijs am 10.07.2013 09:26

Hey Everyone

I'm using Windev Mobile 18 to build an ios application for IPhone 5.
Everytime the iphone goes into sleep mode, my application disconnects from the database and i get an error about not being able to find the original server.
I've already tried checking the connection before every transaction and when the connection is lost i open a new connection to the same database and use hchangeconnection("*",NewConnection) to reconnect, yet i still get the error message.

Has anyone expierenced similar behavior from WM 18 and possible found a solution?

Kind regards


Hello Wesley

did you already try to use a "when exception" to trap and manage the error?

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 10.07.2013 12:39
Hello Fabrice

Thank you for your reply, Yes i have. I use it in allot of code already because windev mobile has a hard time converting WLanguage to xcode and it throws allot of exceptions, which can be caught. However i always get the error. I'm gathering the error message to give a little bit more info and i'll report back when i have it.
Atm, after every button press, i execute the following code:


However after i press a button when the iphone has gone into sleep mode, i still get an application crash.

Kind regards

von Wesley Thijs - am 11.07.2013 06:33
Hey everyone

The exact error message:
communication with server failed.
System Error Details: Undefined error: 0

Kind regards

von Wesley Thijs - am 12.07.2013 08:25
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