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[WB18] Only 5 Queries displayed in link tab of table control

Startbeitrag von Hendrik Labuschagne am 11.07.2013 09:12

Using Webdev 18. All newest updates installed. Project contains 11 Queries created using wizards. When create page with Table control. Using existing Queries shows only 5.
Also when opening Description of existing Table and opening Link tab displayes only 5 queries.
Content Tab also showing 5 Queries on Source/Browsed File dropdown.

Regenerated Analyses, Recompiled project and still no success. It seems to be a problem with Webdev 18.

Any help would be appreciate


What I am seeing now is that Delete Queries is not displayed- (This is alright)

However - It also does not display modify queries. (I think this is wrong)

von Hendrik Labuschagne - am 11.07.2013 10:39
Hi Hendrik

Only the select queries are usable for tables and looper display... Modify, Add, Delete queries are made to exact changes on the DB, NOT to display data...

And while we are at it, PCSoft reccomendation (see help file) is to use queries for the select/display, and hadd/hmodify/hdelete to modify the DB

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 11.07.2013 13:09
Thank you Fabrice.

I have now resulted in using

Then using the hadd and hmodify functions on the qry data. It looks as if this works fine.

Coming from a Visual FoxPro background it looked as if those functions would not be the correct way to eventually use it in a C/S environment. Visual FoxPro uses updateable views / Remote views to achieve this functionality.

Please advise if I need to work it differently.


von Hendrik Labuschagne - am 11.07.2013 14:06
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