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[WD18] Silent Update from LAN?

Startbeitrag von Danny Lauwers am 11.07.2013 14:47


I have currently deployed the install to a LAN location so every workstation can gets its installation from the server. The first time the application is installed manually via the setup of the program.

If the application is updated on the deployment server, the client software will be updated (at startup), but there will always be the posibility to cancel the operation.

Is there some settings we could use to force a silent (only progress bar of installation) update when there is an update available ?




Yes there should be an option to fors a silent update. I use the update from the internet and I saw that option. So it should be availeble when updating from LAN as well.

You can change the whole setup, source code is availeble. Beware that it is quite a big app. I opened the one of version 17 one time, I wanted to change language etc, and the powered by windev stuff.



von Allard - am 11.07.2013 15:10
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