Version 63 coming soon

Startbeitrag von Fabrice Harari am 16.07.2013 17:08

Hi everybody

I was telling you some time ago that I was not installing version 18-62 (h or j) because of bugs coming out often on the french forums...

Well, it seems that there is a light at the end of the tunnel...
First, there have been some patches available (but only for the french version, strangely)
Second, there is no more NEW bugs begin reported on the french forums, as far as I can tell
Finally a new version 63c just came out today and there is NO information on what new things it contains, which for me means that it is a full corrective version...


It is a first level of quality control version, which means that we still have to wait for the second level, which generally takes a few days, and then wait a few days more for the corresponding english version (if everything goes as normal)

So if all goes well, we should have a much more stable version in a few days...

Since then, my advice is still to stick to version 56 if you can... In my case, I did not have any MAJOR problem with it.

Best regards


Thanks for the good news Fabrice, I still have the 56 versión as you adviced.


von James Smiths - am 16.07.2013 21:41
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