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Clarion and WinDevMobile

Startbeitrag von JasonSixface am 18.07.2013 15:55

For those clarioneers,
I hope you can give tips on this simple small project.

I only have 2 files:

Order header
- OrderHeaderID
- OrderDate
- CustomerName
- ContactNo
- Notes
- BalanceBF
- Total
- AmountPaid
- Balance

Order Detail
- OrderHeaderID
- OrderDetailID
- ProductName
- Qty
- SellingPrice
- Amount

I have created a clarion software to keep all the customer and product database in tps as well as have orderheader and order detail in tps too.

My task is:

1. to create a daily order records for each customers with preloaded product list with selling price accordingly.
2. transfer this data to a SQLite data.
3. transfer this sql data to a tablet running on android jelly bean 4.1
4. the user will key in the value such as product qty and amount paid and save it.
5. the system should retrieve those data from tablet and transfer into the clarion software via sql lite odbc

Now, i have created windev mobile 17 windows for order list, order form and order detail form.

Order list will show the order header records.after selecting the order, it will open the order form. My problem starts here,
a) I dont know how to link the child looper (order detail) which is populated in the order form linked to order header.
b) where is the data located in the tablet? how to retrieve it?
c) i have read the article that i need to create hypersql in analysis but convert it into sql lite via code. is it necessary?

please help
thanks in advance


Hi Jason,

I recommend you to take a closer look at the example in WM "Android managing Orders".

I took a lot of the functionality from this example for my own apps, wich works very well.

You can even use HF files in Android instead of Sqlite, so you can avoid to transfer data from one db to the other.

This is a big advantage in WM18.

As to the concepts of how to do what, you can use the same example so you can have a clear visión of what to do in WM.

Best regards


von James Smiths - am 18.07.2013 16:35
thank you very much for the reply. I did took that example as a basis for my case to learn windev and develop. But if you notice, it doesnt show parent child browse handling. In fact, it doesnt allow change mode to order form, just delete. And when i install that apk in the tablet and execute, i cant trace where the generated data is and how to find it. Could you give some idea abt it? Thanks

von JasonSixface - am 19.07.2013 01:28
Hi Jason,

"In fact, it doesnt allow change mode to order form, just delete."

You need to implement/add that functionality your self, for example: créate the order form and call it, using the code : OpenChild(WIN_OrderForm)

Also check the code that is in the menú options, there you find the New option, maybe you can add an Edit option too.

"And when i install that apk in the tablet and execute, i cant trace where the generated data is and how to find it"

Normally in Android the data is store in
"/data/data/com../databases/.db" directory by default.

But you can change that to store it in the SD card of the device. Take a look at this on the online help of WX

http://doc.pcsoft.fr/en-US/?9000123&name=android_application_using_and_sharing_data&q=Database (SQLite)

Hope this help you


von James Smiths - am 19.07.2013 15:43
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