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[WM18] cannot Load DLL

Startbeitrag von Merijn van der Wijk am 20.07.2013 18:54

Hi all,

Since PCsofts Technical support decided not to support winCE5 anymore;
Windows Ce 5 is an old system with not enough memory to load all your DLL.
I' Am sorry but you do not have solution. You have to change your smartphone.

The situation
Currently we are migrating our windev mobile applications from WM12 to WM18 an stumbled on a memory problem. The WM18 project runs fine on several systems (e.g. winCE5 datalogic memor), however not on the handheld used by many of our customers a datalogic Skorpio.

Problem description
WL call:
Process of 'Method Opt_Get' (cHHglobV.Opt_Get), line 2, thread 0

What happened?
Unable to load \BACKUP\HWTmobile\WM18xml.dll DLL

Error code: 1065
Level: fatal error (EL_FATAL)

System error code: 14

Dump of the error of 'wp180vm.dll' module (
Identifier of detailed information (.err): 1065
Debugging information:
DLL qui provoque le chargement : WDVM
DLL à charger : WM18xml.dll
DLL chargée : \BACKUP\HWTmobile\WM18xml.dll
Chemin des DLL : \BACKUP\HWTmobile\
Chemin de l'EXE : \BACKUP\HWTmobile\
Additional Information:
Method Opt_Get (cHHglobV.Opt_Get), line 2
Method OptionUSCTScanObl (cHHglobV.OptionUSCTScanObl), line 39
Constructor of cHHglobV class (cHHglobV.Constructor), line 11
Initializing HWTmobile (), line 201
EIT_DATEHEURE : 16/07/2013 11:01:16

This failure occurred when calling a XMLextractString W-language procedure

My question
Does anybody has a smart solution, I will start with mine ;-)
- WinCE is really necessary, the handheld are used in an industrial environment, including barcode scanner functionality ( smartphone).
- Migrating to windows mobile could solve the problem, did not test it yet, still searching for bootloader.
- Installing application on extension flash memory (downside: approx 2x slower when starting application)
- Downsizing footprint of my own application . . .
- . . . .

Merijn van der Wijk
MSG software


Hi Merjin

your problem occurs the fiurst time you use a xml function, which causes windev mobile to try and load another dll, which just happens to be one too many.

So now is clearly the time to verify that you are not loading any dll that you do not need... In particular, some automatic application functions need some specific dlls, but nothing says that YOUR app needs those functions, and unfortunately they are on by default...

So taking a close look at that may be an easy way to gain some memory space...

Another more painfull approch would be to voluntarily NOT use some family offunctions (by example here your xmlextractstring can probably be replaced by a fex lines of regular string functions, functions that will not provoke the loading of the xml functions dll...

Hope this helps

von Fabrice Harari - am 20.07.2013 19:19
Hi Merijn,

I had exactly the same problem with Win Mobile 5.1. There is a good article on the MS HP,describing the problem.


According to the way described in the last paragraph in this article I managed to get my App running, but it was not stable.

So I decided to explain my customers to upgrade to new hardware.
The app caused problems on 5.1 runs fine on devices using 6.1 having the same amount of memory.



von stefan.kern - am 20.07.2013 20:19
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