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[WD18] Convert existing memo fields to Unicode or not

Startbeitrag von Al am 27.07.2013 01:24

Hello Everyone

I am seeking advice regarding UNICODE implementation in text memo fields.
I understand the reason behind the creation of the unicode standard and on the surface it would seem that for a new project I am doing which involves storing text pasted in from other documents into the text memo fields, it could be advantageous, my question is:

Should I go back through my existing projects and convert the memo fields used for text storage to Unicode ? I have no current or perceived future need to store any language other than English in my older projects, but as nothing is absolute, that could change a few years down the track.

If I convert existing text memo fields to Unicode, what are the effects ?
Is the data already stored in the field going to change or be corrupted ?
Does it affect the size of the file substantially on the disk ?
In terms of old code, it looks like (from the Windev help) that there will be no problems accessing the Unicode text using the Windev RTF functions - is that in fact the case ?



what db are you using?

von ccc2 - am 27.07.2013 06:28
Hello ccc2

Sorry I did not mention it, I didn't realise it would have an effect on the outcome.

I use HF Classic or HFCS and on some projects the data is exported to MS SQL Server and imported from MS SQL Server - the full versions not the free one.


von Al - am 27.07.2013 12:23
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