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Converting Windev windows application code to run on Linux

Startbeitrag von Andre Fourie am 27.07.2013 18:09

Can any one please give me advise on converting my windev windows syntax to windev linux syntax, some functions that are supported in windev windows are not supported in Linux, I know I have to replace these functions to the functons that are supported in Linux, my question is where do I find out what the functions are in windev-Linux to replace, for example

Error("xyx + var1 + "abc") - Error not allowed in wendev linux

What do I replace error with to deploy to Linux.

Also I have windows installations and want install the same application on a number of linux platforms - what is the best way to manage and maintain the system for the two platforms, for each version released to my customers.

I am using WINDEV 14 currently

I would really appreciate some help here,



Hello Andre

I'm definitely NOT a specialist for Linux, but here is what I think I know...

If I remember correctly, in version 14, only console (ie without UI) program were possible...
This means that the first thing to do would be to upgrade to 18.

Now, about maintaining TWO versions: the answer is DON'T... Maintain ONE version, with conditional code sections for each target, linux and windows...

Also, make sure that your linux target are using the correct libraries (QT, if I remember correctly).

Hope this helps

von Fabrice Harari - am 27.07.2013 19:48
Thanks Fabrice,

Yes, according to the WIndev help, you are able to create a complete Linux project, the only problem i think is that WD14 supports less functions in linux and from WD16 to WD18 it supports more functions in Linux (Wikipedia:WINDEV).

I am aware if the additional libraries like QT to install on linux, that is all in the documentation.

I agree 100% with conditional code sections for each target, linux and windows... but I need to know the code for linux, surely I will find it eventually. I think the Linux documentation from PC Soft is very limited as they have strong background in WIndows and not other operating systems.

Somehow I have to get this going on linux first and then I will upgrade to WD18 which is not negotiable for me.

Thank for yout help Fabrice, I value it and kow you have a lot of experience in WINDEV (have some of your DVD's coming from WD11/12) keep well.

Anybody else with some more ideas, please let me know


von Andre Fourie - am 28.07.2013 08:52
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