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[WD17] HTTPS Setup - Check if a newer version is availible doesn´t work

Startbeitrag von Michael Drechsel am 27.07.2013 18:13


the subject says it:

I chose "check at every start" in the hhtp setup, but it works only once at the day.

Can anybody confirm this ?

With WD16 no problem ....


Hi Michael

I have the same problem but with the http.
Clients discovered that if they clear the Internet Explorer cache the update is then dedected immediatley.

This only happens at one client's site not on any of the others.


von Noel Tanti - am 28.07.2013 08:39
Hi Noel,

mhh, "automatic update" should work automatically .... ok, I will try to clear the cache before.

In WD16 it works without any problems and as far I can see the only thing that was change by PC Soft was the setting "check once a day" and IMHO that could be the problem.

von Michael Drechsel - am 28.07.2013 09:19
Hi folks,

Its definitly a bug. If I change the date of the computer to "tommorow" then the update works.

von Michael Drechsel - am 30.07.2013 13:19
Hi Michael

what happens tomorrow when the 'real' tomorrow catches up?


von Noel Tanti - am 30.07.2013 15:12
The behavior is just like 'check one update per day' .If you provide a second update at the same day nothing happens.

von Michael Drechsel - am 30.07.2013 15:28
I reported the bug to PC Soft. The never heard about it (surprise ...)
I proposed that pc soft could download my *.exe and then I upload a new version. They could see that the update procedure at the same day doesn´t work.

But PC Soft wrote me that they can´t install any *.exe and I should send my project. I gave up because its wasted time.

In my 20 year IT career I don´t remember that any vendor was so ignorant.

Sorry, but I am very angry ...

von Michael Drechsel - am 03.08.2013 09:25
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