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WD14 - Replacing WINDEV windows functions with supported linux functions

Startbeitrag von Andre Fourie am 27.07.2013 18:15

Can any one please give me advise on converting my windev windows syntax to windev linux syntax, some functions that are supported in windev windows are not supported in Linux, I know I have to replace these functions to the functons that are supported in Linux, my question is where do I find out what the functions are in windev-Linux to replace, for example

Error("xyx + var1 + "abc") - Error not allowed in wendev linux

What do I replace error with to deploy to Linux.

Also I have windows installations and want install the same application on a number of linux platforms - what is the best way to manage and maintain the system for the two platforms, for each version released to my customers.

I am using WINDEV 14 currently

I would really appreciate some help here,



Hi Andre,

first of all, you're posting on the wrong forum. This here is for solutions only. I'll move the thread to the correct forum.
next, for making a WinDev-Linux program, you really should upgrade to the latest version - 18. There have been so many additions since v14.
But maybe, you still will be unable to make your WinDev-Linux program, in your place, I'd do a test with the current Express version of WinDev 18, just to make sure, it will works.

von GuenterP - am 09.09.2013 16:13
Thanks Guenter

I understand the best way is to test my migration to linux is on windev 18 Express, however, on can not run Express alongside a commercial WD14 on the same machine, Ok I can load it on another machine, still then Express does not allow you to import from any other Windev version, it allows only export. Which means I cant do anything without moving to the latest version I suppose. Any thoughts from your side?

Thank you for you feedback

Andre Fourie

Mobile: +27 82 441 2262
Fax: +27 86 542 2723
E-mail: ocs@absamail.co.za

von Andre Fourie - am 10.09.2013 06:23
Hi Andre,

there's the way to buy a new hard-disk, put it into your computer, maybe using a mobile rack (see: http://www.fantec.eu/html/en/1/gid/__3009030190/content.html ), download and install Windows 7 - no need to activate it for the short period needed - and install the WD18-Express version. That should be good enough to get a good idea of how your application would work in WD-Linux. There's always a possibility that a real show-stopper comes up, but by testing the envisioned framework of your application plus critical functions you could avoid most of it.

von GuenterP - am 10.09.2013 07:53
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