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Startbeitrag von James Smiths am 30.07.2013 16:27

Hi all,

Iam trying to get involved into the WebServices world, because of all the advantage I have read here about it.

I am following the example in the Wx online help:

Importing/Consuming Webservices


But when I run the test I get this message : "Data Not Found".

I imported the webservices without problem and I put this code in a button

v1 is GetWeather
v2 is GetWeatherResponse

v1.CountryName = "FRANCE"
v1.CityName = "PARIS"

v2 = GetWeather(v1)


Can somebody tell what Im doing wrong ?




Hi James,

your code is correct.
Type this in your browser, and check the webservice:


It returns "No Data Found"
I tried with "Stuttgart" "Germany" and have a result.
Paris seems to be unknown to this webservice :cool:



von stefan.kern - am 31.07.2013 20:11
Thanks Stefan, I was starting to feel dumb. I tried with many other countries and nothing.
With all this bugs stuff I was loosing faith. Well at least I know there are others places with maybe bugs too :)

By the way, I have spent all the morning reading this site I found about websevices:


Thank you


von James Smiths - am 31.07.2013 21:54
When you use that other function GetCitiesByCountry("France") you will get the available ones.
Then you'll see there is no Paris, but Paris-Orly and others
CityName: Paris-Orly
CountryName: France
Tells me it is 62F (23C) over there

von Arie - am 01.08.2013 08:12
Thank you Arie, you are right. The example needs corrections maybe.
"Sadly" I have to tell you that we enjoy a very great 30C almost every day. (some times a little more)

Best regards


von James Smiths - am 01.08.2013 19:41
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