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WB18 63c

Startbeitrag von Jan de Bruin am 01.08.2013 11:36

WebDev 18 63c

I have an Organizer that is linked to a query.
If i execute the Query with other parameters (not showing all the rooms but a room the user has selected) i would expect the organizer would show other data after a new display.
But nothing happens....

Anyone has an idea ??

Jan de Bruin


So you conected the organizer to a query, not by programming thrn you should be able to do a


If you provide a bit more info on what you are doing i might be able to help. For I had troubles with the organizer and was able to make it work.



von Allard - am 01.08.2013 17:28
Hi Allard

I use my organizer to make a reservation off rooms in a building.
In the beginning i show all the rooms, but a user can select one specifiek room.
I then execute my query for ony that room with a parameter, then I do a Organizerdisplay.
I would expect to see only the reservations for that room but i see all the rooms.
The query is correct .


von Jan de Bruin - am 02.08.2013 09:28
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