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[WB12] HF C/S - Problem with table

Startbeitrag von David am 14.11.2008 09:48


I have a problem with one table in my analysis. When I am trying to add new product I have following error:

Dump error of module .

- WL Call:
Processing , line , thread
Function , syntax #

- Level: non-fatal error (EL_ONRETURN)

- Error Code: 70010

- WD55 Error Code: 10

- No system error code

- No system error message

- What happened?
Error returned by server:
Duplicates found for key on file.

- No debug information

- Attached Information:

- Identifier in .err: 70907

I understand that error but there is not any duplicate record. When I put any other ProductId the error looks the same.

There is screen shot:

-Data in all my tables is coming form Excel files imported before and I have only problem with table TbProduct other tables are working fine.
-I deleted all relations between this table and other but the problem still exists.
-This table has on Automatic Identifier.
-And at the end something very weird. When I am trying to add new record in HF Client/Server or from my website I am getting that error but when I am adding new record in WDmap everything is fine and even that record appears on the server.

I hope you can help me.




Hi David, as you can see, the ProductID = 0 ! Obviously, there is a record with the same ProductID already in the file. This is a simple duplicates error .. as it says. Guenter

von Jimbo - am 14.11.2008 09:52
There is only example. When I put ProductID = 123456 which is new and doesn't exist in file the error is the same

von David - am 14.11.2008 09:57
A second unique key in the file ?

von Jimbo - am 14.11.2008 10:18
The second key is "Key with duplicates"

von David - am 14.11.2008 10:20
Hi David...

If you have an automatic ID in this file, it's possible that the file is
'broken' (ie, because of a hardware/system problem, the last ID used
written in the file header is incorrect)

If you are in that case, then you can repair the file by using the
reindexation utility with option 5

If you are not in that case, do you have any other key on the file that
would be declared as unique?

Best regards

Fabrice Harari
International WinDev, WebDev and WinDev mobile Consulting

More information on http://www.fabriceharari.com

David wrote:
> There is only example. When I put ProductID = 123456 which is new and doesn't exist in file the error is the same
Message forwarded from pcsoft.us.windev

von Fabrice Harari.pcs.crosspost - am 14.11.2008 10:42
I have created new project, new analysis, imported same data to new table and then import to HF Server and the same. Next I imported data but from txt file not excel and the same.

von David - am 14.11.2008 13:57
Hi David,

Just a thought:
Is your ProductID an automatic identifier?
If so, you cannot import that key, since Windev generates automatic identifiers automatically. I think this could pose a problem.

Best regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 14.11.2008 18:45
I found it.

First problem was my data. I have imported data form old sql database. My indexes were form 1 to 1000 and then form 2000 to 3000. The problem was with reindex. I tried reindex in HF Server (option 4, there wasn't option 5) but after that problem still existed. Then I tried Fabrice Harari's advice and I used option 5 but I found that option in Webdev not on HF server. Anyway everything is working, but I am still thinking way only that table had a problem other were fine.

Thank you


von David - am 17.11.2008 08:18
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