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Do you think PC soft should terminate some platform support ?

Startbeitrag von ccc2 am 02.08.2013 11:30


Do you think PC soft should terminate some platform support ?

my answer is yes , my reason ? too many half bake product .

if compare to other platforms product, currently the only fully function product is windev for windows (win32) .

because of need to support too many platform , this cause improvement become slow . every years when a new version come out , all I see is playing catchup with windev(win32).

providing multi platform support is good decision only if PC-soft has that kind of resources . but from what I see , they don't have and it dragging down windev.

I see now that PC-soft is walking same path as TOPSPEED (clarion) where they tried to create something big and complicated .
the sad part is , they taking too long time while ignoring other , by the time they finish , nobody want the product anymore.



I think they should mantain only two mobile platforms:

-IOS, (market share, few hardware to test functionallity, etc)
-ANDROID (market share,etc)

And only one desktop platform:


And also the web platform

That would put all the resources in the products that they are competitive (windows), and on the products that are necessary (ios, android, web)

José ANtonio.

von Jose Antonio Garrido - am 02.08.2013 12:05
And only one language (English)....

von Bart VDE - am 03.08.2013 06:48
Hi all,
I really don't see which platform PC Soft should "terminate" ...

1) WinDev - of course NOT
2) WebDev - can it afford NOT to have a WEB product?
3) Mobile Apple and Android - of course NOT

So fter that we have:

1) Windows 8/RT/Phone
I personally think that we will see more and more RT type devices in the near future.
You just can't ignore MS and NOKIA ...

2) Windows Mobile 5 and 6x
I don't think that PC Soft is doing any real development on this platform.
But it can't afford to "terminate" it because of the HUGE installed base of these devices.

3) Linux GUI ...
This is an interesting one.
Seeing that the Linux implementation now uses the Qt C++ library and Qt will support Android and iOs very soon - it looks like an excellent "experiment" for PCSoft.

Could it use the Qt library FOR everything (WinDEV, Mobile etc)?
Maybe even a TRUE MAC OS solution?

We will see how things go on in the future

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 03.08.2013 08:18
Hi Steven,

I like your explanations. I'm sure we will see many interesting things in the next months/years related to technology.

IMHO, PCSoft is doing right keeping its 3 devtools. What they should be focused on, is in keep them bugs free ASAP.

Just my opinión.....


von James Smiths - am 03.08.2013 21:36
And now they also have this phone OS added to the mix


von Steve M - am 03.08.2013 22:12
I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for that to take off though. It doesn't really offer anything new in an already crowded market....

von AlanE - am 05.08.2013 07:26
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