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Daatabase restore error

Startbeitrag von Amal Murali am 03.08.2013 05:50

Hello all;
I am new to Windev.
When i try to restore the database from a directory the system shows an error that it is being used by another user or the system cannot access the database.
What should i do to restore the database from a file(backup.info files).
Plz help

Thanks in Advance.


Hi Amal,

you must do this at the HF SQL server machine with the Control Center and not remote from any other Computer.

von Michael Drechsel - am 03.08.2013 10:46
I have done the same from local in the server but also i am unable to restore the database from a directory? It is showing an error.

Thanks in Advance.

von Amal Murali - am 04.08.2013 04:00
Hi Amal,

what is the meaning of 'RESTORE' ?? Did you backup the files using the HF Control Center and are you trying to restore the backup? Did you do a copy and are you trying to copy the files back? Are you importing the files through the HF Control Center?

- COPY does not work. Except for the rare case that you did not change anything in the Analysis. If so, you have to stop the Manta service (aka Server) before trying the copy operation.

- recommended: use IMPORT HF Classic files from the HF Control Center after deleting all records of current files.

- for next time: do a backup from the HF Control Center! It's easy to do a restore after that.

von GuenterP - am 04.08.2013 05:34
If you are trying to do this from within your program, I have been struggling with a similar problem for the last few days but have now got it working. The process I am following is as follows:

1. Disconnect all users (this does not disconnect you though & that is where my problem came in; I was continually being told the database was in use).

2. Change your connection..database to "" and re-open it. This is in the help for HRestoreBackup but I had missed this crucial step.

3. Restore using the full 'duplication' syntax. Using the short syntax I get an error referring to a differential backup which is obviously rubbish as I have never done a differential backup.

4. Theoretically you should now be able to change your connection back, re-open it & away you go. I haven't tried it as I prefer to close the app after restore & force the user to login again.



von David Egan - am 04.08.2013 19:24
Hello GuenterP;

I had created a backup from HF control center in my lap and when i tried to restore the same backup in my desktop HF center using the option =Restore from a directory in HF center it is showing the error as" Database in use".

What should I do????

Thanks in You for reply

von Amal Murali - am 05.08.2013 05:31
Thank you David Egan ;

But i didnt get the whole thing you had explained. I have disconnected all users but still its showing Database in use.

Does firewall cause a problem in restoring backup using HF center?


von Amal Murali - am 05.08.2013 05:33
Have you logged in to Control Centre as an administrator, with no database opened? At the login screen, make sure that there is no database selected. If you are using a pinned or recent connection, chances are you have a database selected. Restore from the Control Centre won't work if you have logged in to a database.


von David Egan - am 05.08.2013 10:03
Thank you David Egan ;

I have Logged in as administrator into the control center. But as you said I am using recent connections and open the control center. There is no database selected but there is problem in restoring backup from a directory.
How can i make sure that no database is selected?


von Amal Murali - am 06.08.2013 05:12
Hi Amal
If there really is no database selected then I'm afraid I don't know the answer.

To check that you have not connected to a database, after you have logged in to Control Centre select the Connections tab. You should see your connection there & the database column should be blank. If it is & the restore is still not working then you'll probably have to take it up with PCS.



von David Egan - am 06.08.2013 18:54
Thank you David Egan ;

As you said i checked the connections tab and you were right there was active connection to the database.
I tried to disconnect all the users but it is not disconnecting the administrator connection is still active.
What should i do?


von Amal Murali - am 07.08.2013 04:32
hi Amal
You've probably got all your connections defined with a database. Create a new connection, leaving the database blank as shown below. Once you've done that you should be laughing.


von David Egan - am 07.08.2013 05:20
Hello all;

How will I do this as described in the screen shot i already have an database created then how will i create a new connection and restore the backup from a directory??


von Amal Murali - am 21.08.2013 12:23
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