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I need some help on this issue.

The possibility to 'store the column configuration' of a table is done automatically by Windev. This data is stored by default in the windows registry.
A user can resize and move the columns of a table. When closing the window, this data is written to the registry. These settings are applied when the window is opened again.
So far no problem.

Now i disabled the system popup menu of the table to avoid the user from exporting the table data to XLS and to avoid a 'copy all' . After that the 'Store the column configuration' feature doesn't work anymore. So now I want to write my own procedure to read and write the column configuration in the registry. The first problem that i encounter is : 'What instruction do I use to change the column order of a table?'.

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Re: Table column positions [Solved]


it seems that this function can do the job :

// Move the "ProductPrice" column to the far left
// in the "ProductTable" table
TableMoveColumn(ProductTable, ProductPrice, 1)


von Joris - am 06.08.2013 13:25
Hello Joris

You don't mention which version of Windev you are using, but certainly in V16 you can select the options shown in the system popup, so there is no need to disable the entire system popup menu, just disable the Export to XLS option. It is in the "Parameters" section when you double click on the Popup Menu in the GUI section of the table editor.


von Al - am 06.08.2013 13:30
Hi Al,

The problem is that the popup menu must not be disabled for all users.
So i have to disable the menu options by code.
But I can not disable every option by code (for example 'copy all' and 'print')
So there is no other option for me than disabeling the entire popup menu.

That is why I'm writing my own 'Store the column configuration' procedures....

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von Joris - am 06.08.2013 15:11


may be your friend.

von DerekT - am 06.08.2013 15:31
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