[WD18] query object sqlite

Startbeitrag von ccc2 am 06.08.2013 14:52


I wonder anyone encounter such strange problem .
I writing a simple convert program to convert data in HF to sqlite . while reading the data from HF , I also query the data in sqlite for emp_dept_key .
I create query object with simple sql
emp_dept_name = 'AAB'

whenI run the query from WD18 it return me result but when I run direct from the program with hexecutequery() , it return me no result.

there's no error and hnbrec() return 1 . I also verify that I not forget to put Hreadfirst() . but I still get nothing in the result .

after try and error , I give up . i not using hexecutequery() and query object but change to hexecutesqlquery() .
this time it return result .

this is my first time use of sqlite in WD also first program i write using WD18 , I not sure if this is normal or just another bugs in WD18 .


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