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wb18 (php) modify functions not working!!!

Startbeitrag von Allard am 08.08.2013 00:06

Hi all
Iam developing a php website. Cool I made it a cms. Now Iam developing an app like feature. Users can subscribe and they can add all kind of financial data ( stuff that is necessary to make financial reports, budgets an cashflows etc).

So this data is user specific. I thought this could be easily done. Use the memberID. Put it in a GnMember ID ( global var) Use this as a parameter in all queries or files.

Well I was in for a big surprice. It seems that in php modus all kinds of functions are not working. Huh... loopermodifyline() tablemodifyline(). Just donnot work.
Linking a looper and using a variabele ( 7 tabs databinding) doesnot work. When I tried I got an error. :GnMemberID isnot known. ( webdev adds a “:” to the variabele!!)

Well now I have made it work . Using a table not a looper. Adding stuff directly in a looper ( with combo’s etc) is not possible.
I use a table and a popup window. I could not get modification of a row to work. So now I delete the table and add the modificated rows again.

The same when deleting a row.

1 Deleting in the db
2 Removing all rows of the table
3 Add the rows of the user to the table again.
This is not as I wanted but it does the job. And even though it’s a kind of work around. It is really fast.

My question:
Has anyone had this kind of issue too. And if so, how did you solve it? ?



Hi Allard

as stated many times on this forum and several other, the PHP mode is VERY limited compared to classic and awp mode... So PHP is clearly is bad technical choice.

Furthermore, considering that you can get a webdev hosting for as little as 5$/month, there is even no financial rational that would be valid to choose PHP mode.

When you also add the fact that a PHP mode web site is open to all classical PHP hacks, while a webdev classic or awp is not (pages generated on the fly), the ONLY case where PHP mode should be used is when you have some crazy person managing the IT department of a VERY big and lucrative customer....

If you are not in that specific case, I STRONGLY suggest that you switch to classic or awp mode, depending on your needs. That should solve a lot of your current problems

If you are in this specific case, sorry, I cannot help you, as I have always REFUSED to use that mode.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 08.08.2013 12:55
Hello Fabrice:
Could you mention what webdev hostings are available for such cost?


von MichaelRuggero - am 08.08.2013 14:45
Hi Michael

http://kalanda.net/ (and sorry it's 5€/month, so about 7$)

FYI: On pcsoft web site, there is a list of webdev hosting companies that you can choose from...

I just know that kalanda works well (and they had an english version of their web site in the works, last time I checked) and they have servers both in canada and europe

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 08.08.2013 14:54
Hi Fabrice

The webdev app server costs money 300 euro. My hosting is free since I can add as many hosting accounts and domeins as I want ( have a resellar account 4 euro month)

Plus clients often already have a hosting account they donnot want to spent money for the app server.n There fore experienting with the php modus is a valid option for me. Maybe I have the worg customers ha ha .

php is limited and that is no problem as long as pcsoft tells me on for hand that some function doesnot work. The tablemodify() etc donnot work but pcsoft says they do. This means it's a bug.

For now the site is running verry fast even with my pour coding ( work arround ) all the basic stuff is doable so Iam quit happy with webdev php.



von Allard - am 09.08.2013 17:20
Hi Allard

you need to pay for the webdev server ONLY if you have a dedicated server. The 5€/month hosting I was talking about INCLUDES of course the webdev server.

Now if you customer cannot afford a 5€/month charge for their web site, then I would say that YES, you do have the wrong customers...

Especially when you consider the fact that going around all the php limitations takes time, and that you are probably BILLING that time, ie charging them much more that you would need to if you didn't use the php option.

Just my 2 cents

von Fabrice Harari - am 10.08.2013 12:55
Hi Fabrice

Ok so no fee for application server ?? that is great news!
Thanks for the info !!!

The site is in French. Do they now english ?
Ill sent them a mail in english and see if they respond



von Allard - am 12.08.2013 01:26
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