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DLL Error

Startbeitrag von Cesar Flores am 08.08.2013 13:57

Hi all

im working with a .NET Assembly (.dll), all my test are ok, i can call the methods contained in the dll at any time.

The problem ocurred when i make deploy on my final server, for an unknown reason (for me) when i try to access to a method contained in the dll archive the following error is displayed:

What happened?
Check whether the .NET framework is available on the computer.
Unable to load C:\WebDev17\wd170net4.dll DLL

Error code: 1065
Level: fatal error (EL_FATAL)

System error code: 126
System error message:
The specified module could not be found.

Dump of the error of 'wd170vm.dll' module (
Identifier of detailed information (.err): 1065
Debugging information:
DLL qui provoque le chargement : WDVM
DLL à charger : wd170net4.dll
DLL chargée : C:\WebDev17\wd170net4.dll
Chemin des DLL : C:\WebDev17\
Chemin de l'EXE :
Additional Information:
Local Procedure PROCEDURE (server) (PAGE.PROCEDURE), line 34
Click of BTN ( CELL) (server)
EIT_DATEHEURE : 08/08/2013 08:33:55


the .NET framework is available on the computer, i have 2 more sites developed on c# and they are using it

does any one have an idea about how solve this?

best regards



Is this file on the web server?

Can the webserver (IIS?) access it and execute it?

Best regards,

Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 08.08.2013 14:11
Hi Cesar

on top of the windev dll that may be missing, there is also the fact that you are saying :

the .NET framework is available on the computer, i have 2 more sites developed on c# and they are using it

WHICH .net framework? You need to have the same one installed on the server than the one used to generate the dll on your computer (and you can choose at that level which one to use if you have several versions installed on your dev computer)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 08.08.2013 14:14
Hi Fabrice & Peter H.

the Frameworks installed on the computer are the 4 and the 3.5. the dll are using the 4.

Peter H.
How can i know if the folder specified are accesible to the IIS?

thanks for the attention


von Cesar Flores - am 08.08.2013 14:54

One more thing.

How can i know which Framework are using Webdev?

von Cesar Flores - am 08.08.2013 14:57
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