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[WD 15] taReExecuteQuery with no selection?

Startbeitrag von RAUL2 am 11.08.2013 01:21

Hi guys. Is it possible to use TABLEDISPLAY(mytable, taReExecuteQuery) with no selection of the first record?? The problem is that RowSelection is fired (its a looper and I need the row selection.)

This looper shows products (picture and name) that can be selected by user. When I need to re-execute the query (in this case using taReExecuteQuery) I have this false selection.

I've tried moving the code from RowSel to WM_LBUTTONDONW (and WM_LBUTTONUP) of the looper, but when the user clicks a product there's no actual selection in the looper.

Anyway, I'm sure I can find a workaround but is there a "normal" way that I don't know?

Best regards.


Just in case...

Use for your table of looper ..state= ReadOnlyNoSelection BEFORE you call tabledisplay(mytable,tareexecutequery). Once the control is update with the new result from the underlaying query, use ..state= DisplayOnly (or Active for edit mode.)

von RAUL2 - am 12.08.2013 22:49
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