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[WB17] Automatic Creation of Files

Startbeitrag von Ericus am 13.08.2013 07:33


My Webdev project used to operate with no problems. Create a new table and when I deploy the table is created in the location of my Saas data as soon as I use the file.

Then two days ago that stopped. When I deploy, the file is created in the data path but not in the location of my Saas data when I use the file.

Even if I create the file manually and fill it with data I get an error PAGE_POSParams object not found.

The setting 'Automatically create the data files as they are opened' is ON in the project description.

On development machine all is working normally.

I am not using SCM.

I have included HSetLog("*",False) in case it has something to do with log files.

Any ideas will be gratefully accepted.

Ericus Steyn



Odd? You state that automatic creatio of files is on. Maybe try setting it off and do it with code yourself Hcreate()



von Allard - am 13.08.2013 09:12
I tried HCreate and it does not report an error as well as creating the file manually and putting data in it.

As soon as I HReadFirst it fails with 'object not found'

It is as if the project that is deployed is not working with the correct analysis although all the files created before Sunday are fine. I have deleted the file, created a file with a new name and still no luck.

I am sure the analysis is incorporated in the install disks.

It is really strange

von Ericus - am 13.08.2013 11:37
Hi Ericus

I'm not sure if it's related but I did have a strange behavior too a few days ago, with my analysis changes NOT being taken into account on the server (and that could be your problem here too)...

To slve it immediately, I transfered wdmodif and it's dll and the analysis on the server and ran it manually, which solved the problem...

Several days later, when doing another analaysis change, I realized that the installer seems not to be abel to KEEP the password for the files from one install to the next... This means that each time you create an installer and have an analysis change to do, you need to reenter your files password...

Let us know if this helps

von Fabrice Harari - am 13.08.2013 12:26
Thanks Fabrice

Not using any passwords.

I normally copy my analysis.wdd file to the server and run WDModfic as well. When you create setup disk the analysis.wdd file is included in the library although lately I have to place a tick next to it to include it in the library. It should be included automatically.

In this case my new table is copied correctly to the \data folder. When I use WDMap to try and open the file in the \data\MyData folder is says the file does not exist, do you want to create. I create it and enter one record.

However the HReadFirst fails to read it.

I am just writing a little test to see if I can get some error back on the HCreate, HAdd or HReadFirst.

Will let you know.

Ericus Steyn

von Ericus - am 13.08.2013 14:10

Re: [WB17] Automatic Creation of Files - Update

It must have something to do with the analysis. As soon as I run HCreation I get error that the file is unknown in the analysis.

However on local machine it is working.

On web server if I use WDMap the file is listed there if I use a copy of the .wdd file that I copy to the server.

von Ericus - am 13.08.2013 14:48
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