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[SOLVED] WD18 Can't read HF Classic files on server

Startbeitrag von kimor am 13.08.2013 13:27


I'm making an app to run by itself from a directory on a server.
After changing the location of the HF files in the project, analysis and when generating the executable
I think the path should be right. I get no error when openening in HF Center or WD Map.

Now, the problem is that there's no posts showing when trying to view the files.

Does anyone have guidelines about running an app in such way and accessing HF Classic files locally.

Kim O'Regan


Re: WD18 Can't read HF Classic files on server

Hello Kim

I do this all the time with HF Classic applications. Just put everything into a singe folder on the server, share the folder and map it as a drive on the user workstations (not a unc path) and do NOT set a "Directory of application data" in the project.
Openn the server shared drive from the user workstations and create a desktop shortcut from the server exe and everything will work perfectly because when the exe starts, it will default to looking for the data files in the same directory it starts in.


von Al - am 13.08.2013 13:35

Re: WD18 Can't read HF Classic files on server

Hi Al,

Thanks for your answer!

The thing is that we can't install/map on about 100 computers.
The application will or will not be used maybe one time or more so it's to much hassle...
That's why we run it from the server and have the files locally there.

Anyway, I managed to get to read the files on the server thru WDMap/HF Center.
But when I run the app, two of three files (.NDX not .FIC) are still directed to the original location
on my workstation and since the path doesn't exists on the server, it crashes.

I can't figure out why the index-files are not directed to the server path.

In the error report:
EIT_SRCFILE : "C:\My projects\Mon_Projet_VBA\Exe\Chefer.ndx" (the wrong path)


von kimor - am 13.08.2013 15:06

Re: WD18 Can't read HF Classic files on server

Hello Kim

You are right, it doesn't make much sense. I believe that you can only specify locations for the fic files and that the ndx and mmo files will automatically be created in the same location.
The only things I can suggest is to have a look for a rep file. If there is one, you can open it in notepad. They normally only refer to fic file locations but it is worth a look.
If the logging has ever been turned on, turn it off in the project init.
In the analysis, check in the info tab of the file for the "default directory of the data file" It should be "Application Directory"

If you delete the index file on your local drive and then use WDMap on the server drive to recreate the index, where does it create it ?


von Al - am 13.08.2013 17:02

Re: WD18 Can't read HF Classic files on server

Hi Kimor,

Perhaps too obvious, but did you use hChangeDir("*",sMyDir)?
You can read the directory from an inifile that you place in the exe dir.


von Piet van Zanten - am 13.08.2013 17:53

Re: WD18 Can't read HF Classic files on server

Hi Al
I already edited the REP file. Editing thru HF Center is useless since you can't delete rows in REP.
There were rows that were pointing out the wrong path. They come back when generating the .exe.
I think there's too many places that refer to the path of the files; in the files of the analysis, the project,
when generating the .exe and then the .REP file. Oh yeah, and in HF Center when rightclicking a file of a database.
It's confusing...or is it just me? :confused:

I will check your suggestions toworrow. Since it's evening here...

Thx again!


von kimor - am 13.08.2013 19:54

Re: WD18 Can't read HF Classic files on server

Hi Piet,
I've put in the full path of the files.
Since one of three files works it should be ok to do it that way.
The weird part is that WD tells me that the.INX can't be created at the wrong path...

Well, I have to try different options...

Thx for your answer.


von kimor - am 13.08.2013 20:02

When I changed the analysis in the info tab of the file, the "default directory of the data file" to "Application Directory"
it worked. I tried different options, but not this combination together with the network path everywhere else.

Thanks for the answers! :rp:


von kimor - am 14.08.2013 05:22
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