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Stylesheet and Images not loading

Startbeitrag von Naas am 14.08.2013 07:05

Good day,

I have developed a website with Webdev and transferred the site via FTP (deployed site out of developer computer) to my server.

The site now lies as a virtual directory underneath the "default website" and is accessible via the www.mydomain.com/websitefolder. The site works perfectly fine and there is no problems detected by the Webdev administrator debugger.


I would like to host client websites on my server (obvious) via only the www.mydomain.com URL. So I have created a new website in IIS 8 underneath the "sites" node alongside the "default website". The new website's physical path is directed to the websitefolder and the virtual directory's (MYSITE_WEB) virtual path is directed to MYSITE_WEB folder.

When I insert the URL www.mydomain.com I can see the website fine, accept that the stylesheet and images does not load correctly and results in HTML errors on the page that look like this: [%PAGE_HI_Overview..HTMLENTETE%]; and; [%A2..HTMLAVANT%]; and; [%A2..HTMLAPRES%].

I hope someone is familiar with the issue or is able to assist.

OS Information
WB17 latest version
WAS server
Windows 8 Server 2012

Thank you for your response.


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