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[WD18] - Memo File Size

Startbeitrag von JP am 14.08.2013 21:42

Hi All,

My memo file grows in size quite quickly if one keeps updating the memo field with new content. How can one "pack" or reduce the size of the memo file?



Hello JP

Option 5 in WDOptimizer will check and compress the memos. Not sure if you can do it by code though.


von Al - am 15.08.2013 01:13
Thanks Al, that does indeed reduce the memo file properly.

Does anyone know if this can be run via program code?

von JP - am 15.08.2013 05:55
Hello JP

I was intrigued by my own part answer to your question so I looked through the help screens and there are command line options for the WDoptimizer and a code sample in the help under "WDOptimizer"

WDOptimizer /Fic=


von Al - am 15.08.2013 12:14
Hi Al,

yeah, I saw that command line in the help but popping up an ugly command prompt window to a user is hardly a "modern" interface :)

Does WinDev reduce these memo fields by itself as and when necessary? Surely there must be some mechanism for this otherwise these memo files will bloat endlessly... ?

von JP - am 16.08.2013 16:41
Hi JP,

I've done this in code by copying the file record by record to a new file with another name. After the process I renamed the file back to the original name. You can use Alias() for this.
Besides, it was a few years ago, in WinDev version 10 or 12, but the method will still work.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 16.08.2013 17:07
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