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Selection bar position after Add in Ajax Tables

Startbeitrag von David.IB am 15.08.2013 00:42

I'm working with a Ajax table, which are added, modified and deleted records. Once I register a new record, returning to the table, I have not been able to position the selection bar on the row that I just added.
Example: If the table size is 15 rows and I have 16 records in the file associated with the table, to finish adding the registration no. 17 and return to the table, the new row does not show it, unless I move by the scroll bars.
Is there a way to let the selection bar on the record that was just added, and that the table will go to the page where it was located that record?
I'm using WB 18

Thanks in advance

David IB


Hi David,

TablePosition is your unreliable friend.
Unreliable, because (only experienced in WB17) it sometimes does not position the table at the required position.


von Piet van Zanten - am 15.08.2013 08:28
Hi, Piet.
Thanks for your answer.

Note that I already tried with TableSeek, TablePosition, all versions of TableDisplay, and I could not get the expected result. Perhaps this behavior of the table can not be implemented in Webdev, and I did not know this. If this is true, is there any suggested way tables work the way I described in my previous message? Any comments would be appreciated.

David IB

von David.IB - am 15.08.2013 14:11
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