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Changing numeric into real

Startbeitrag von stefan.kern am 17.08.2013 11:46

Hi all,

I have a basic question:
I have an project developed for win mobile using WD15 / WD18.
Now I need a android version of this app.

All the business logic is hold in classes, there is nearly no code in the windows.
I would like to maintain both versions in one project.
So I would like to develop a seperate set of windows for the android version, check the OS while starting the app and call depending on the OS the windows for android or win mobile.
All the windows should use the logic of the classes.
In this classes I use the numeric type and the integer type for handling numeric values.
Android does not allow the numeric type.
So the question is:
Can I just change all numeric variables into the real type?

Thanks you all for any hints!




Hello Stefan

I think you can not work with classes in WinMobile 18 Android....:mad:


von Jan de Bruin - am 17.08.2013 12:00
Really ???

von stefan.kern - am 17.08.2013 13:52
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