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For Sale at Discount Ver12 Windev Webdev WinDev Mobile

Startbeitrag von Hans60 am 18.11.2008 14:11

We have one license for sale anyone interested let me know.



Hi Hans,

I'm just looking for webdev. Is this possible?


von Georgio - am 18.11.2008 14:59
Hello Georgio,
well can you wait a bit and I will see if one would take more than one tool so I would prefer that. I will let you know. Anyone interested can post me a line at "nyh @ gmx . net"
For payment I could use paypal or ebay etc.


von Hans60 - am 18.11.2008 16:17
This does interest me but wonder how your pricing is going to be. You can buy all three v12 for 1,990 ¤ but knowing that v14 updates are coming out you have to think about the fact that it is going to cost 1,299 ¤ to update it. So, in my eyes, the price would have to be enough lower than the 709 ¤ difference to make it worth while.


von David Martin - am 18.11.2008 18:01
sorry for not responding. I had all your mails on a USB stick which broke down unfortunately all incoming mails got lost. So please post again to nyh @gmx.net

von Hans60 - am 27.11.2008 18:38
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