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[WD18] Reading timestamp field from SQL Server 2012

Startbeitrag von FMUser am 21.08.2013 01:46

Hi, I'm trying to read the timestamp field from a SQL Server 2012 database, but regardless if I use HReadSeek or HExecuteSQLQuery, it will show up as blank when I run a trace, or set it as a buffer or variant. I couldn't find any posts on how this is handled usually. Thanks!


Try this:

SELECT CAST(yrDateTimeColumn AS DATETIME) FROM timeStampTable
SELECT CONVERT(DATETIME, yrDateTimeColumn) FROM timeStampTable


von kingdr - am 23.08.2013 18:26
Hi FMUser,

if you are talking about timestamp datatype in sql 2012 , you can't .

SQL Server's TIMESTAMP datatype has nothing to do with a date and time!

It's just a binary representation of a consecutive number - it's only good for making sure a row hasn't change since it's been read.

von ccc2 - am 26.08.2013 10:35
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