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[WD14] Editable Table Control

Startbeitrag von Paul Turner am 22.08.2013 08:22


I have an editable Table control to allow for EIP, which is displaying a HF file with an AuotmaticID field.

After adding a new record the AutoID column in the table control contains a 0 rather than the newly assigned ID.

How can I retrieve that ID to place it in the column? It seems that the 'Row Exit' embed point is before the HAdd..

Any clues gratefully accepted!




Yes, "row exit" is executed before HAdd.

If you want to manage when the table is saved, use the function TableSave, and also uncheck the option "save during row exit" in the description window.

I don't know, if you will need to use either
-TableDisplay(TableName,taCurrentSelection) to actually update the automaticID column.
-Or asign it manually: column_automaticID = browsedfile_of_the_table.automaticID

José Antonio.

von Jose Antonio Garrido - am 22.08.2013 15:14
Thanks Jose.

The Tablesave call would be in Row Exit, right?


von Paul Turner - am 22.08.2013 15:21

Well, that is where I use it and I have no problems.

José Antotnio

von Jose Antonio Garrido - am 22.08.2013 15:25
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