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wb18 menuaddmenu()

Startbeitrag von Allard am 22.08.2013 19:05

Hi Has anyone used the add menu funtion in wb18?

I seem to be able to add options to an existing menu but something goes wrong when trying to add a new menu item

Something does happen If I add a menu with menuaddmenu() then nothing seems to happen. But if I hit the button withe the menuaddmenu a second time I get a fault. It states that the menu item is already there?

Anyone Any idea?

I would like this option to complete my cms navigation. For now I use a popupwindow in a menu with a looper in it.Works great but is limited to the looper. And I would like to be able to make a complete dynamic menu. For a cms, if to be sold to customers would need that.




Hi Allard,

I'm not using WB18 yet, but in WB 17 it was not possible to add a "base" menu item, so I add all base menu items to the menu in the editor and make them invisible if necessary. The submenu items can be added by programming using MenuAddMenu and MenuAddItem.


von Piet van Zanten - am 22.08.2013 19:11
Hi Piet

Yes that could be a "work Arround". Adding several base menu items. A bit like with tabs.
But I think reading the help that it should be possible, I'll mail it to support as well



von Allard - am 23.08.2013 08:40
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